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Villy Brønnum nielsen has been selling properties for 15 years and is also trained as a construction technician. Villy has worked internationally for many years, and can draw on his experience from the sale and marketing of private property in the Mediterranean, primarily in southern Spain.

In Spain, Villy has been an assessment advisor for financial stability during the financial crisis on distressed projects in southern Spain on several occasions.

​Villy is also co-owner of, which mediates housing along the Øresund in North Zealand

​Villy says:

"Internationally, we work with slightly larger arm movements, but are very serious and always represent the buyer.

In Spain we take care of you all the way, our affiliated lawyers in Spain are always ready to help and check the property before you finalize your home purchase,

​important things you as a customer should know is that in Spain you work based on the mls system (multi listing service), so it is normal that there are two brokers involved in a home showing. this is where we come into the picture as buyer's broker. the process does not make it expensive for you as a buyer of ambidexterity, as it is quite normal that the fee is shared between the two brokers and that your buyer's broker fights to ensure that you get the best conditions and the biggest possible discount in the price.

In addition, we offer a completely unique discount of o.5% of the purchase price, which is offset against your purchase expenses.

You can read more on this page under the process tab, where you can find advice and guidance when buying or selling a home in southern Spain.

Silivia Menendez has worked within the property industry in Spain for 18 years and is a trained lawyer.

Silvia has additional experience in project sales and approval of trades and has helped many companies with the creation of companies and investments in properties in the Spanish housing market.

Silvia is fluent in Spanish, English and  Danish.


Internationally, we work with both private customers and companies, but we always represent the buyer in Spain. We work with many different nationalities and it's always exciting to meet customers from different countries. In Spain we take care of you all the way, our lawyer and affiliated lawyers in Spain are always ready to help and investigate the conditions surrounding the chosen property.