My Spanish villa complex
15 villas all with private pool and garden.
2 Apartments, Clubhouse, Restaurant on site, Wine bar, party rooms,
storage of golf equipment and bicycle storage

The concept

More and more choose to become part of one or more different shared ownership options, castles, associations, several homes in different countries, etc. rather than buying their own holiday home or renting in different places and often being disappointed.

​The reasons for choosing shared ownership can be very different. For some it is important that you are free from all the hassle, you can start your holiday from the moment you put the key in your door, the fridge is full, yes there is rose wine ready by the private pool. For others, it's the economy - when you share, you get a lot more for your money. Regardless of the reason, it is hard to argue that our concept is probably the best on the market for the price.

In the link below you can order a description of the concept, finances and law, the support and administration offered, how the booking works


We have no ownership interest in the homes, we earn our fee from the sale and by carrying out the administration of the complex itself. Everything is very transparent.

We sit on the board together with a selection of unit owners who are elected by voting among all the unit owners.

We have chosen for the concept to have the lowest possible common expenses, the common expenses are calculated to amount to DKK 4,200 per year, instead you pay DKK 50 per house per night, + DKK 75 per person. As a result, it is the unit owners who use the villas the most who also pay the most.

We offer a total of 120 ownership shares (8 for each villa) which will automatically give

8 weeks of use per year, plus the possibility of booking extra days/weeks in our booking system. (you are also welcome to buy more shares, e.g. together with friends and family).

The first ownership shares will be offered for only: DKK 210,000 and will continuously increase up to DKK 240,000.

Click on the link and order more information about this unique opportunity.

Service available in the complex

The complex offers:

  • Daily manager and staff for booking
  • Gardener and pool keeper
  • Cleaning staff / preparation of houses before arrival incl.
  • Security guard at night, the complex is a closed area
  • Restaurant with lessee / discount on menus as co-owner
  • Clubhouse, bicycle workshop and storage of golf equipment and bicycles
  • Party room and meeting room available by agreement with lessee
  • The plan is to obtain electric bicycles for transport to the nearest activities, e.g. Typical Spanish pueblo / village within minutes.
  • 3 to 5 minutes from Spanish Village / Pueblo.
  • 15 minutes drive to the nearest beach and 10 minutes to a larger city, by bus or own car.

The complex in general

The complex itself consists of the following:

  • 15 houses all with private pool and garden and parking, each house is ideal for 2 to 4 people, but you can stay up to 6 people, divided into 2 bedrooms and a sofa bed.
  • 2 apartments, one apartment is reserved for staff, one apartment can be used in emergency situations by unit owners. Can also be rented for a small amount.
  • Main building which contains restaurant, wine bar, small grocery store, golf depot, bike room, storage, party room and meeting room.
  • The plot makes up a total of: 23200 m2 where the rest of the plot is laid out as a green area.
  • You will not only become co-owner of the houses, but also everything above mentioned.
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