The process when you have to buy a home.
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How to buy a property in Spain


1. The online search, contact us get free professional help.

2. The location, choose areas with us.

3. Choosing the right housing type, which type of housing.

4. Plan a presentation plan, together with us.

5. You are now in Spain or via Zoom and online.

6. You visit the selected homes with us.

7. When all homes have been inspected, you choose the next step together with us.

8. Revisit some selected homes, or new homes on your list.

9. If you find your dream home, we will negotiate the price.

10. We push the price down as much as possible or obtain other benefits.

11. If agreement is reached while you are in Spain is the next step.

12. Finding the right lawyer who fits your and the property's profile.

13. The lawyer helps you with the following:

14. Apply for your NIE number.

15. Property Due Diligence Check.

16. Review of the contract with your lawyer and possibly U.S.

17. Find the right bank for you, we are happy to help.

18. Financing options: mortgage loans for foreigners, or via Nykredit in Marbella, which offers loan options in Spain or in DK

19. Choice of mortgage institution.

20. Possibilities for money transfer.

21. Sign your preliminary agreement.

22. We visit the home the day before the deed writing, documents. the condition of the apartment before you and your lawyer or just your lawyer on your behalf go to the deed writing.

23. Sign the final contract.

We work with several different banks to find the best solution for you.